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    From Japan To America:
    Engine Related Components and Technology

    Mikuni is an undisputed leader when it comes to cutting-edge technology for internal combustion engines and related systems. Our carburetors are second to none, as are our throttle bodies, fuel and oil pumps, position sensors, and more. Our commitment to new technology is unparalleled: for example, Mikuni introduced the world's first throttle body to utilize a torque motor and total electronic control. It offers faster response, uses fewer components (and thus is more reliable), yet it's comparably priced to lower-technology competition. And our capacity for high volume is world-renowned, too. We produced over 2.5 million throttle position sensors last year alone.


    Intake-module for outboard engines
    Major functions of intake and fuel systems are made compact by modular design.
    Plastic intake-manifold for
    outboard engines

    Achieving substantial weight reduction and improved corrosion resistance by plastic.

    Carburetor for All Terrain Vehicles
    Exclusively developed for multi-purpose terrain vehicles (ATV).
    Variable Valve Timing System
    Consists of hydraulic actuator to control valve timing for the engine and solenoid valve for controlling oil pressure.

    Electric Solenoid Pump
    High efficiency, small size, low energy consumption electrical inline fuel pump.
    Trochoid Oil Pump
    Mainly used for oiling 4-cycle engines. Various other types are available.


    Fuel Pumps
    Diaphragm type fuel pumps. There are many variations designed for specific applications including general-purpose engines and car engines.
    Vacuum pump
    Mikuni vacuum pump serves as a source of vacuum pressure to be used for brake boosters in diesel powered vehicles.


    Secondary Air Valve
    Controls secondary air for purging emission gas.
    Door-mirror Heater for Cars


    Variable Intake Air Control Valve
    Provides an optimal air intake by variably controlling the valve in the intake port with a DC servomotor.
    Electronic Control Throttle Body(ETV)
    Electronically controlled throttle valve motion for optimizing engine output. Devices for fast idle control, traction control and automatic cruise have been obsolete.


    Throttle Valve Computer(TVC)
    Controls motion of electronic control throttle valve (ETV).
    Acceleration Pedal Module
    Pedal mechanism is integrated with sensor to transmit driver's operation of accelerator to the computer.

    Throttle body for Motorcycles
    Electronic controlled secondary throttle valve is employed.
    Throttle Body for Snowmobiles
    A fuel injector, pressure regulator and a delivery pipe are integrated into this throttle body.


    Position Sensor
    Rotary type and linear type are available.
    TM type Carburetor for Snowmobiles
    This carburetor incorporates a compensation mechanism controlled by computer signals to deal with severe operating conditions such as high altitude and very low temperature.

    Mechanical Oil Pumps
    Oil pumps mainly used for the separate oiling of 2-cycle engines.

    Copyright (C) 2002, Mikuni American Corporation All Right Reserved.